Welcome to Reiji Narino's official website! I'm a wannabe professional hentai artist and this website is dedicated to sharing my free erotic art and comics to the world. I don't copyright my art so feel free to share, trace, alter, remix, color it yourself, Photoshop the hell out of it or whatever.

Anyway, if you like my work and want to support my art, here are some ways to help including non-monetary ones:

    You can become my patron at Patreon for as little as 1 USD a month. It's mostly me apologizing for being late but I do post frequent previews: about once or twice a week. You can nag me to do stuff if you want. You just might convince me. We also have a commission lottery coming up. 

Follow me on Hentai Foundry. It helps a lot when people favorite and vote up my artwork.

Never heard of HF? it's like a more fapable version of deviantART. It's also a great place to confront your fears of dick girls if you have that problem.


Follow my webcomic: End of Survival Horror on a webcomic list. I recommend Comic Rocket or Piperka. They'll let you know when a new page is up, which helps since I update irregularly, and they're also good bookmarks for longer comics.

You can also find me on The Web Comic List and The Belfry WebComics Index.

  Vote Me up on Top Web Comics. It's a fun site for discovering new comics and they have a lot of NSFW ones on there too.